Tuluy tuluy murin ing programang pang inprastraktura ning kakatamung Mayor. Deng Barangay at Farm to Market Roads na mengagawa kareng Twenty Five (25) barangays at Forty Five (45) lined canals naman a meconstruct simula banwang 2010. Deng Sixty (60) classrooms naman a megawa ibat king saup ning Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, deng mengagawang Nine (9) classrooms king Porac Satellite Campus, Improvement and construction ding adwang (2) rural health units (RHU), installation of roadway luminaries, Thirty (30) solar lights, Atlung (3) day care centers, Atlung (3) multi-purpose buildings, adwang (2) student centers, birthing stations, improvement ding walung (8) multipurpose halls, improvement ding basketball courts, solar dyers, waiting sheds, slope protections, road widening, improvement of stage at fencing kareng municipal properties.

Megbunga larin deng pamiadwangan a gewa ng Mayor Carling at Vice Dexter kapamilatan ng Coun. Maynard Lapid a pagawa la deng dalan king Sitio Pabalan, Barangay Manibaug Paralaya at king sagling panaun magawa yarin ing dalan king BlueHeights, Brgy. Babo Sacan. Deng mesabing proyektu binye nalang Sen. Lito Lapid kapamilatan ning kayang Priority Development Plan. Kayabe murin keni ing pamagpagawa kareng Brgy. roads keng Clement Street keng Barangay Sta. Cruz a kasalukuyang magagawang detour uli na ning construction ning Porac-Angeles road.   Construction dareng Multi-purpose buildings king Barangay Balubad, Pio, Mancatian at Sepung Bulaon at ing pamagpasentu king shoulder section ning Porac-Angeles Road (Mancatian/M.Pasig) para magamit extra lane ding gravel and sand trucks. Abe murin keni ing pamagpagawa at pamagrehabilitate kareng lined canals keng Manibaug Pasig, Babo Sacan, Poblacion, Babo Pangulo, Cangatba, Jalung at Pio. Kapamilatan narin Sen. Lapid, merehabilitate ya ing Porac District Hospital a mayayaus ngening Jose Songco Lapid District Hospital.

Kasalukuyan, magagawa larin deng dalan at canal king Manibaug Libutad, Manibaug Paralaya, Salu, Balubad at Babo Pangulo.

Ngening banua, mayari yarin ing pamagrehabilitate king Porac Public Market a mamalagang Thirty (30) million pesos. Deng temporary stalls mitalakad larin ibat naman king Annual Investment Plan ning kasalukyan a administrasyun.

Buo murin ing suporta ng Gov. Lilia Pineda kareng infrastructure projects kalupa ning pamagpagawa at pamag-ayus kareng lined canal keng Manibaug Lubutad, Manibaug Paralaya at Pulong Santol. Pamagpagawa kareng Barangay Roads king Manibaug Libutad, Manibaug Paralaya, Calzadang Bayu, Sta. Cruz, Sepung Bulaon at Palat, Balubad, Salu at Babo Sacan. Pepagawa nerin ing Irrigation Canal king Babo Sacan, Covered Court king Planas, Foot Bridge king Hacienda Dolores at Multi-purpose building king Manibaug Libutad.

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