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If trekking is what you are looking for, then Porac Peak offers a breathtaking view of the spectacular Miyamit Falls.

The Porac Trail is an alternate trail leading to the Pinatubo Crater Lake and meanders around the mountain for a 28-kilometer non-stop scenery of unspoiled beauty, lush forests, and natural wonders.

Miyamit Falls have strong and powerful currents that fill a basin of clear and cool water perfect for swimming. Miyamit falls continues to inspire awe from adventure seekers who happen to stumble upon this largely undiscovered charm at the heart of Porac.


Balu namurin Mayor Carling at Vice Mayor Dexter ing pangangailangan da reng Poraqueno e medinan oportunidad para misundu ing karelang pamagaral, kaya king karelang upaya, pesikanan de ing Porac Manpower Training Center (PMTC). Ing programa ini metung ya kareng pagmaragul ning administrasyun uli na ning tuluy-tuluy ng pamamye skills training and livelihood projects. Inikayat nala deng memalen na magaral kareng short term courses na accredited king TESDA.