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Porac, Pampanga – The municipality of Porac under the leadership of Mayor Carling Dela Cruz has received major awards from different agencies and national government offices. The following awards have translated to different infrastructure projects given to different barangays who mostly needed infra projects.

Siportan at dininan ng pansin Mayor dela Cruz Deng programa makapatungkul king agrikultura. Uling yamurin metung yang ortelanu, ing nasa na lagi ing apasanting at adinan masanting a ani deng Ortelanung Poraqueno.

Mekapamye nerin saup y Mayor dela Cruz king miayaliwang programa ning Agrikultura. Kayabe keni ing pamamye bini kareng ortelanu, gamit pangsaka kalupa ning hand tractors, threshers, Ford Tractors, certified seeds, seedlings, saup kareng Coopertives at Farmers group.

Megawa yarin ing Livestock Dispersal kalupa ning pamamye Damulag at Kambing kareng qualified beneficiaries.

Siportan nalarin deng programa makapatungkul king kalinisan at kaayusan ning balen kayantabe deng miyayaliwang local and national agencies, NGOs and private companies.

Banwa banwa magagawa yarin ing Porac Farmer’s Day a lalaukan ding miyayaliwang organized farmers keng munisipyu. Ining once a year activity na makapatungkul kareng ortelanung Poraqueño, magagawa yarin kareng saup dareng miyayaliwang pulitiku at ahensya keng gubyernu.

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5 20141012 1159196156A Project thru RFO III of the Department of Agriculture under the Corn Cassava Program wherein 10,000 Pesos was given by the Municipality of Porac as a counterpart to the said program. Beneficiaries are Planas, Palat and Balubad Farmer’s Association.

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soma 2014 41 20140827 1165710011Porac, Pampanga – Mayor Carling Dela Cruz in his State of Municipal Address (SOMA) delivered a true and unbiased speech that made the crowd at the jam-pack JSLapid sports and civic center appreciated more his eagerness and dedication to serve the Poraquenos. Prior to his cordial speech, a 30-minute audio-video presentation (AVP)was presented to the attendees to better see the picture of what has been done in the past 4 years of public service of Mayor Dela Cruz.