Balu namurin Mayor Carling at Vice Mayor Dexter ing pangangailangan da reng Poraqueno e medinan oportunidad para misundu ing karelang pamagaral, kaya king karelang upaya, pesikanan de ing Porac Manpower Training Center (PMTC). Ing programa ini metung ya kareng pagmaragul ning administrasyun uli na ning tuluy-tuluy ng pamamye skills training and livelihood projects. Inikayat nala deng memalen na magaral kareng short term courses na accredited king TESDA.

Emu mayayari king pamamye libring training ing misyun ning kekatamung alkaldi, bagkus puspusan yamurin maglawe kumpanya a nula pweding makapagobra agad dening mekayaring skills training.

King kasalukuyan, atin tanang apayaring Two Thousand Five Hundred Forty Two (2,542) students at One Thousand Forty Six (1,046) kareni mekalub nalang obra kareng miyayaliwang kumpanya keni lalawigan. Forty Three (43) noman deng mekapagobra abroad. Matula murin babalita na Eight Hundred Sixty Eight (868) kareni atin nalang National Certificate II (NCII) ibat king Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) na pwedi dang agamit pag ila minta la abroad o nukarin man keti Pilipinas. Madagul murin ing bibye kapasalamatan king Clark Development Corporation (CDC) uling tuluy-tuluy ing bibye ng saup king kekatamung training center. Makanyan mu naman king St. Nicolas College, St Mary’s Angel College of Pampanga, Eco-Creativa Foundation, CGMA at kang Mr. Bob Wagner ning Help Philippines Foundation a megdonate namang Limang (5) brand new laptops at Limang (5) brand new projectors.

Kapamilatan narin king pamiadwangan keng CDC, megawa ya ing extension building ning training center a kasalukuyang agagamit deng estudyanti king welding at engine mechanic class.

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