Inararo (Aetas)



  • Total land area in has: 
  • Distance in the Poblacion in Kms: 
  • Number of Sitios: 
  • Number of Purok: 
  • Soil Type: 


  • Population: 
  • Number of households: 
  • Dialects predominantly spoken: 
  • Religion: 


  • Income: 
  • IRA: 
  1. Three main Sources of Income:
  2. Three predominant agricultural products:
  3. Three predominant livestock and poultry raised:
  4. Sea and fresh Water Products:
  5. Cottage and small industries:
  6. Tourist / Eco-tourist Spots


  • Barangay Health Center: 
  • Barangay Hall: 
  • Primary School: 
  • Elementary School: 
  • Secondary: 
  • Tertiary: 
  • Barangay Parks/Plaza /Playground: 
  • Public Market: 
  • Bureau of Protection: 
  • Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources: 
  • Northwest Cable: 


  • Means of regular transportation: 
  • Type of Barangay roads: 
  • Lighting/Power supply: 
  • Sources of Potable Water: 
  • Presence of Communication Services: 
  • Telphone Line: 
  • Cell Sites: 
  • Postal Services: 
  • Telegraph Services: 
  • Presence of Media facilities
    • Television/Cable: 
    • Radio: 
    • Newspapers: 


  1. First Three Major Barangay Problem
  2. List of Barangay officials
    • Punong Barangay: 
    • Kagawad:
    • Barangay Secretary: 
    • Barangay Treasurer: 
    • SK Chairman: 
    • SK Kagawad:



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