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14th Binulu Festival Kick-off and Inter School Cultural Dance Competition

Held on November 15, 2019 to formally start a 10 days celebration of the said festival. It started with street dancing from Babo Sacan Road going cangatba road where all participants showcased their colorful props and costumes as a manifestation of the colorful tradition and culture of Porac.

Upon arrival in the Municipal Hall of Porac, the program was ignited by the Poracy Ati-atihan and Drum Beaters followed by the messages of the Vice Mayor Charlie Santos and Mayor Jaime Capil. The kick-off was attended by all the municipal council and departments, different schools in Porac and many more.

After, a traditional ceremonial cooking of binulu begun wherein leaders of Bayung Porac initiated the lighting of fire woods with an extravagant intro facilitated by the Porac Tourism Office. Afterwards, a demonstration of creating fire thru stones and a traditional cooking of binulu was demonstrated by Apung Jungle of Brgy. Sapang Uwak.

At 7:00 PM the Inter School Cultural Dance Competition was immediately held in Jose Songco Lapid Sports and Civic Center, Brgy. Cangatba where 10 schools competed in the aforementioned with the theme: “HOPE, RISING FROM THE TRAGEDY”. It was an astonishing performance of the flourishing culture of Porac that made all Poraqueños proud.

The event was ended by a grand fireworks display. Truly that by a Generous and Supportive leader we can always find ways to elevate our dreams and putting them into reality. Just like the Bayung Porac Leader, Mayor Capil who is indeed a strong-willed and result oriented.


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