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About Us


The name “Porac” is derived from the word “purac” after the abundant Purac tress encountered by the first settlers and is believed to be the first town established in Pampanga. The then Provincial Surveyor Don Ramon N. Orozco in 1879 called the river in this place “Poraq River” in his sketch of the nearby town of Floridablanca. Puraq later became what is now known as Porac on September 16, 1867.


To establish sustainable development programs that will enhance greater economic and industrial activities while conserving the municipality’s natural resources in partnership with the community.


A developing economic and industrial hub with balanced ecology; empowered community, governed by responsive and dynamic leaders.

Our Latest News & Events

Covid-19 Cases in Porac on October 15, 2020

Covid-19 Cases in Porac on October 15, 2020

TUPAD Contract Signing Nanay Community Worker (NCW)

TUPAD Contract Signing Nanay Community Worker (NCW)

Wedding October 15, 2020

Wedding October 15, 2020

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