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See the Beauty of a Hidden Paradise! Set amidst lahar-devastated town of Porac, Pampanga, Poracay Resort is fast becoming a popular destination. Be it a family gathering, an outing among friends or even a teambuilding activity, Poracay offers you the flexibility to cater to any occasion.

ACCOMMODATION Poracay Resort has developed various accommodation facilities to suit your needs, ranging from bungalow-type villas, ‘sawali’ cottages and nipa huts. They are specifically designed to have a feel of typical Filipino homes and at the same time, make you appreciate the simple joys of life.

THE POOLS AND THE LAKES The pools are located at the heart of this vacationer’s haven. This area comprises of sections that spell outstanding resort design. A heavy sheet of water flows down from its waterfall going to an adult pool, while two (2) kiddie pools spill excess water into a man-made lake. This man-made lake features amenities similar to other developments in the US and Europe. It is connected to a boating and fishing sanctuary which appeals to nature and sports lovers alike.

THE CLUB HOUSE Prominently located beside the pools, the Clubhouse is a spacious function hall ideal for any type of occasion. Celebrate family gatherings such as reunions, weddings, baptisms birthdays and debuts as well as corporate functions like teambuilding, product launchings, trainings, seminars and company parties right here in Poracay Resort. Equipped with audio-visual facilities, it can be set-up in any way to meet the event’s requirements.

LANDSCAPES, SCENERIES & WALKWAYS It features a 6-meter wide road, sidewalk, landscapes and a boulder centerpiece that welcomes guests into the resort. A ticket booth manned by warm and friendly staff is strategically situated here to give information regarding their stay and their designated accommodation facility. Guests need not step out of their vehicles when checking in and out. An administrative office and a huge parking space are planned additions in this facility for easy access and convenience of guests.

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