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Decent Jobs and Livelihood Opportunities

Our Mayor Jing V. Capil strives hard to provide decent jobs and livelihood opportunities in our town. He intends to pursue more programs and services that would help his constituents gain meaningful employment and secure a sustainable source of income. With this, Bayung Porac thru Porac Peso would like to inform our Cabalen that more than 1000 Poraqueños were given gainful employment and various livelihood assistance during his 9 months.

This included a total of 456 being employed to different companies/agencies, Tulong Pangkabuhayan sa ating Disadvantage/Displaced Workers TUPAD thru DOLE- 642 , Pangkabuhayan/livelihood project-87 and SPES -135. Through his huge contribution and remarkable vision, with the help of our Lord, and with our support, he was able to increase not just the employment but also our local income, improved services, orderliness in our town as well as infrastructure projects are among his achievements.

Let’s continue to support our Mayor in his wide vision in Porac!

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