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Facts and Figures you need to know about Covid-19 Vaccine Part 4

13. Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe and effective?
COVID-19 vaccines that are granted with Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are considered safe and effective based on the available evidence to date.
14. Are there risks for complications when given the COVID-19 vaccine?
Yes, like all other vaccines, there are risks of complications BUT SEVERE OR LIFE-THREATENING REACTIONS ARE EXTREMELY RARE. The benefit of protection against severe COVID-19 is greater than the risk. Anyone who will get the vaccine will be properly evaluated and closely monitored by health professionals to further minimize any risk.
15. What can we do while waiting for the vaccine?
We urge the public to be more vigilant with the information found online. Let us make it a habit to fact check and verify with reliable sources (DOH Facebook page, DOH website, WHO website, PIA website) regarding new information. Continue observing the minimum public health standards to prevent further transmission of the virus.
Source: Department of Health

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