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In conformity with the Executive Order No. 09-2021, Mayor Jaime V. Capil has ordered immediate inspections on the two public markets in Porac. Since public markets are frequently visited places, Mayor Jing Capil wanted to make sure that standard health and safety protocols are maintained and observed in these places.
Through the mayor’s initiative, the Business Permit Licensing Office Task Force, Porac Tourism Arts and Culture, Bureau of Fire Porac, Mayor’s Office, Porac Public Market Supervisors, PNP Porac, Porac Public Information Office and the Barangay Councils of Cangatba and Pio have joined forces in conducting two separate inspections on the said public markets. Strong recommendations were noted and will be part of the comprehensive report to be used for the maintenance and development of the public markets.
Here is the inspection in Porac Public Market in Cangatba.

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