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News 1With an area of 31,400 hectares (78,000 acres), Porac is the largest and oldest town in Pampanga and was founded on October 31, 1594. It is found on land sprawling from the mountains of Pinatubo and Abo, which extends up to the border of Zambales. The town’s centre is located by the banks of Porac River that trickles through the heartland of the town called Poblacion. Porac has a hilly to mountainous terrain in the majority of its plains.

Poraqueños are well known to be hardworking individuals that is why the local government acknowledges this unique quality of every Poraqueño. The Dela Cruz administration is doing its best in becoming Aggressive to its programs and projects and the People of Porac are seen to be very Positive in participating to these endeavors. Aggressiveness and Positivity creates Progress to nation. By applying this simple philosophy, the present administration is very confident in bringing Change and Development in the town of Porac.

Official Website of Municipality of Porac