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Provision of all Possible Assistance in Securing a Certificate of Authority to Operate and Accreditation

Managers and owners of Hotels & Accommodation Establishments (Resorts and Leisure Parks) have gathered today at PORAC TOURISM OFFICE to talk about the provision of all possible assistance in securing a Certificate of Authority to Operate and Accreditation from Department of Tourism (Region 3)
to start their operations under community quarantine.

Part of the discussion is the strategies and health safety protocols to make it possible for them to operate in the new normal era.

Leisures and other amenities will soon be experienced and enjoyed in the town of Porac with the assurance of health safety.

The said meeting was spearheaded by our ever-supportive Mayor Jaime Capil under Bayung Porac Administration and facilitated by the office of the Porac Tourism headed by sir Den-den Dayrit and sir Robert Canlas with sir Taps Laxamana of Porac Public Information Office.

Thank you to all our attendees who gave their time and cooperation:
-Hawaian Palm Resort (Calzadang Bayu)
-Atlantis Resort (Palat)
-Hacienda Antonio (Senura)
-Poracay Resort (Manibaug Pasig)
-Puning Hotspring n Spa (Inararo)
-Golden Trail Adventures (Inararo)
-RL Leisure Park (Mancatian)
-14k Hotel & Restaurant (Pio)
God bless and keep safe

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