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The Porac Municipal Government, under the leadership of Mayor Jaime ‘Jing’ Capil, on March 1, 2021 kicks off the National Women’s Month Celebration (NWMC)

Mayor Capil, together with members of some offices in the municipality, showed their support in the NWMC by posing for a picture with the members of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office, headed by Jhoanne Marcelo-Arcega.
The 2021 National Women’s Month Celebration (NWMC) serves as a tribute, a platform, and a call to action that highlights the extraordinary roles of ordinary Juanas in the society as trailblazers and harbingers of change.
The NWMC focuses on strengthening efforts to improve and track the progress of
the implementation of the Magna Carta of Women (MCW), and other relevant
laws and commitments to the national and international community.
This celebration is also a venue to discuss and address the issues that women continue to face
so empowerment can be fully achieved.
The campaign is also a call for concrete,
sustainable, and inclusive actions towards gender equality.

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